State of the Art Dialing System

Our State of the Art Dialling System makes prospecting more efficient through automation. Agents can reach numerous leads during prospecting as they would if they were calling manually. Performance Media Dialer is built into the CRM for more efficiency, accuracy, and automation, saving agents time and money.


  • Delivers numerous contacts per hour
  • Gives you control over speeding up, slowing down or pausing the system at any time
  • Simplifies sorting and searching, while allowing you to make calls directly from our CRM
  • Allows one-click voice message delivery, freeing you up to leave a pre-recorded message while you move on to your next call
  • Eliminates connection delays
  • Provides dial access from any location through our cloud-based platform
  • Customizes call-outcome information with single-click prospect categorizing, call notes and follow-up email
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