The accounting sector is undergoing dramatic changes. Downwards price pressures and commoditisation of compliance services, digital transformation, increased competition and clients’ changing expectations are shaking up the profession. Forward thinking practices have realised that they must evolve and innovate if they are to survive and flourish in this new commercial landscape. They are implementing new business development models as traditional methods of network expansion are becoming harder to employ. They efficiently attract new clients but also maximise the opportunities that exist within their client base. They diversify their services and leverage technologies in order to achieve greater efficiency and drive a sustainable competitive advantage. Our CRM integration helps you to efficiently manage company accounts with simplicity and ease. Always be in a strong financial foothold to make more informed critical decisions related to the finance management of your organization. It can be the catalyst for change, underpinning the development and promotion of a sales culture across the firm and enabling best practices in generating new business and cross-sell revenue.


  • Improve new business development
  • Track and analyse all of the interactions and transactions you have had and the outcomes of those
  • Automate many processes – making it easy to measure the ROI of marketing and business development
  • Sell more to existing clients
  • An outstanding cross-selling platform enabling you to identify segments where you can cross-sell services
  • Help you define how to best engage with your clients in order to build deeper relationships and trust and increased retention
  • Phone numbers, emails and client or prospect’s details are available in CRM
  • Can address inherent data duplication and data management issues as it provides a focus for the cleansing, maintenance and syncing of contact data
  • New business models require a CRM system embedding within day to day activity, across the entire firm
  • It can supercharge your practice and feed into your competitive edge
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