All business houses always try to cut operational expenses in-order to ensure profit margins and payroll is one of the processes, which they like to manage with less resources. Manual payroll process is a time consuming, complicated and highly calculative process. Performance Media CRM provides Payroll facility for an automatic platform to keep structured employee data, manage pay structures, payroll information and generate payslips, TDS certificates etc.


  • Streamline data related to employee General Information, Pay Structure, Deduction Structure, Employee Payroll Information and previous employment details
  • Data related to employee transfer from one department to another or one branch to another
  • Company admin will have to set up leave rules and categories only one time in the system
  • Employees will be able apply for leaves from their login
  • Automatically calculates working days and hours and admin can have leave and attendance report
  • Offer custom pay structuring for different categories defined for employee payroll
  • Reduce payroll processing errors and manpower involvement
  • Enables the organization to reduce Income Tax headaches at the end of Financial Year Closing
  • Facilitates PF, ESI, Professional Tax Calculation & Reports, Auto calculations of Exemptions & Deductions
  • Computes income tax payable for the entire year & the tax to be paid each month
  • Has a provision to auto calculation of TDS based on Projections
  • Has an advanced salary processing module where you just need to select Division, Branch or Company whose salary you need to process and within a few seconds all Employees salary is processed
  • Automate information processing for Earning and Deduction Pay Structure, Loan & Advance, Deductions, Arrears Facility, Bonus, Gratuity & Welfare Fund
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